Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Can't you See What I see?....I think you're beautiful

Why can’t she see what I see?---I think you’re Beautiful

It’s hard being a woman. But today as I walked outside with the cold wind slapping me in my face with the sun shining, I found myself saying out loud, “I love being a woman.”

Not to brag, but there’s not a day that goes by that a man passes me by and says, “You’re beautiful, you look nice, hello miss, or excuse me your man must be happy, some even honk their horns. “While I find pleasure in this most of the time, I still find myself thinking I wonder if they can see what I see inside of me.

I’m single but trust that Im actually fine with that title especially after just hearing  from one of my dearest friends that I love so much tell me about how miserable she is in her marriage. This girl is Beautiful, if you were too see  her out and about you wouldn’t even know the hell that she goes through in her house daily. From the outside looking in their life appears to be perfect, two strikingly beautiful people with gorgeous kids, living in their dream home sharing their lives….Well that’s what she thought until he didn’t want the world to see his beautiful wife anymore.  As she said, “I feel like I lost myself Erica. This ain’t me. I’ve lost all of my friends. I’m not going to have anything once he’s gone.”

As a friend we always want to give advice because from the outside looking in we have the perfect solution.  And for this reason, I’ve always found myself wondering, “Why can’t she see what I see?”

On the other hand, here I am. Beautiful, smart, talented and single. Some of my friends don’t understand why I don’t have a man. I believe it’s because I’m not ready to “lose myself”or be so in love that I lose everything and everyone that I care about for one person.  Why cant they see what I see?

On the other hand, I have other friends that want a man so bad that they eagerly accept the first guy that says hello pretty lady. I’ve been there before but after I realized I was just wasting time, I let go of that bad habit just as quick as it started.  Again these are beautiful women with choices-why can’t they see what I see?

Just typing this reminds me of a praise and worship song that I love, There’s a King in you. It goes something like this, ‘Don’t you see the king in you? Then why do you speak with such insecurity, Do you know there’s a king in you?  then why do you speak with such defeat. '

Every day I listen to women talk about this and that in regards to wanting and needing a man. I’m glad I’m at a place where I can honestly say I’m fine because I am. I’m glad I realized that there’s one “man” that loves me more than I love myself and that man is Christ. And until I meet the man that has the same love for Christ as me, I’ll stay single.

So as I bow my head today, I’m praying for all my friends that ‘need a man or want a man so bad that they lose their self.”  I hope one day they can see what I see. And that is that you’re beautiful because there’s a King that lives right inside of you. My king wants the best for you. This is the only person that I’m willing to lose myself for. I don’t care what others think about me, I know the Cost of following Jesus. Connect to the spirit loves, so that YOU CAN, see what I see.   Love Erica ©2012

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Reasons Why I'm voting for Obama...Plant A Seed

Hello All of my Beautiful People,

This year I decided that I wanted to be a part of the Obama Action and GOT INVOLVED.  After signing up to become a part of the Young Detroiters for Obama Team, I sat down and thought about the reasons Why I wanted to volunteer my time and help the President Get reelected.  So about a month ago, I sat down and decided to write down the Five reasons Why I’m Voting for Obama!!

1.       His Word is Good!! How many other politicians do you know actually do what they say….He said he wanted to end the war. He did. He said he wanted to provide affordable if not free healthcare  for the people. He has. He said he would bring this country out of its current state of turmoil…It’s 2012 and the world is looking good from where I stand.

2.       He is a great reflection of ME and what it took to rise to the top… Determination, Hard Work, Faith, Good for the people, believes that Dreams can come true. The struggle of America in the “financial crisis” is very familiar to my lifestyle growing up. We knew what it was to not have enough and to go without. But we ALWAYS MADE A WAY and came out on TOP. America was trillions dollars in debt around the world, Obama has not only strengthened the American credibility around the world but he is making the money do what it needs to do, so that we may stay afloat!!  DO IT!!!

3.       He is not an I person, His stance has always been about WE!!!  I’m a We person too.  If we all come together on one accord great things can happen. We have a world to fix America!! And Obama is doing it with our HELP!!

4.       It’s more than skin Deep!! Yes Obama looks like me but his family values are more important than anything. Think about it, have you ever saw the love between any other presidential family as you see it with the Obama’s.  That means more than words can express in my book. If he can show his care for his family openly in the public eye all the time, it’s apparent that he will always be sincere about the struggles of others family. Women alone are still facing challenges in the workplace BUT OBAMA!  Found a way to make wages fair for working women and also provide a relief to those families that are struggling to pay for college. I know my mom was happy for all of the Pell Grants I received. I was able to graduate from college with less debt because of them.

5.       Who else is there to vote for? I mean really, I can’t relate to the man who has millions in his bank account and doesn’t know what it’s like to not have a mother with a flexible checkbook. I need to be able to look at my President and want to listen to him and look for words of encouragement not words or dialogue I can’t understand. I’m not ignorant by far, but not everyone speaks money language all the time.  I’m voting for Obama because I Believe that he CAN therefore WE all can!!

After watching The First Lady last night on my television screen as she talked about all the things that matter to the people my thoughts were  confirmed. Not only was I sold on getting  Obama reelected, but I was inspired to be more, do more and help out a little more.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been inspired by anyone on television lately but after watching the beautiful, intelligent First Lady Michelle Obama on my television something inside of me woke up and I was inspired to become something GREAT again.

This morning I asked my son if he wanted to be great, his response was Yes. I said Why. He said because you’re Great and my whole family is Great. I told him that he WILL BE GREAT! And I promise to do whatever it takes to achieve his Greatness status.

Plant some seeds today…Inspire others to become Great. Michelle Obama did J

Love Erica ©2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'll Fall on my Knees without hesitation

Today Lord I just want to say thank you. Thank you for my Life. Thank you for the ability to speak. Thank you for enabling me. Thank you for covering me. Thank you allowing me another day to live my life according to your will Lord. Thank you for the holy spirit that lives in me.  I thank you.

Today as I released my soul to you. I couldn’t help but become overjoyed as I thought of your greatness and faithfulness in my life right now. As I prayed this tune escaped from my mouth.

I will Fall,

Fall on my knees,

I will praise thee,

I will worship,

 Be grateful and faithful to you Lord.

I will fall,

Fall on my knees.

Im grateful.

So faithful.

Im thankful.

 I will fall.

Fall on my knees.


Thank you Lord.

Thank you.

Love your faithful Daughter Erica Coleman © 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank God For Second Chances

April 4, 2012
The Second Chance
Ohhh If only I could tell you about all of my Second Chances,
You would be like wow.
Where Im always like How?
My God is amazing.
I’ve been delivered from some of the darkest places, moments
and lifestyles.
My “second chances” were all learning experiences.
I always knew that I was doing something that I wasn’t
supposed to be doing but like any other
human I kept right on doing it.
However, I am a firm believer of once you receive punishment
for doing something wrong once, the only
thing left for you to do is to stop doing it.
Second Chance.
As I shrug my shoulders and shake my head thinking of those
times I’m laughing at the same time.
Who knew. He knew. He knows all things.
He is the Manufacturer of Beautiful and Great things. He
knows that his products will have moments of malfunction, despair and multiple
breakdowns. That’s exactly why he creates a repairman for all of us.
Second Chances.
As I think of my son right now when he’s intentionally done something wrong and I ask him why did
you do that? His reply is usually “I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I did. I’m sorry ”
I don’t even if he knows that he is always admitting his faults and
asking for a second chance.
Second Chances.
I don’t about you but Im so thankful and grateful for
second chances. I honestly don’t know
what my life would be like without them. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for forgiving me again and again. Thank you for
giving me all those second chances. I want you to know that my downtime allowed
me to be a little more appreciative of all the things that you have given me on
purpose. I want you to know that during my rehabilitation, I made promises to
you to not repeat those actions that were unlike you God. I want you to know
that I value you and respect you for giving me all those second chances. Thank
you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you . Thank you again for allowing me another
chance to live my life on Purpose and according to your will. Thank you. Erica
Coleman ©2012
Enjoy Isaac Carees song "Chances"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspired by Whitney

Inspired by Whitney

Today as I watched Whitney Houstons' funeral I kept thinking Wow.

I wonder what people will say about me.

Ever since I was a little girl people would find little things to say about me,

Oh she’s this or oh she’s gonna be that

Oh don’t let me forget the fact that I was skinny, dressed crazy and oh yeah too black.

It wasn’t until I reached a certain age that I began to see beautiful faces of people that looked just liked me

And one of those beautiful faces just so happened to be the beautiful brown skin, nappy, curly haired Whitney.

She was on the cover of a magazine with that beautiful smile with red lip stick, a polka dot skirt and that thing she wore in her hair in the 80s and skinny.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but I found myself thinking Wow. That’s just like me.

I liked polka dots and I was skinny and brown skinned too.

Whitney was the reason I asked for the spiral curled ponytail on top of my nappy hair.

She may have been the inspiration behind me choosing to wear the red and white polka dot skirt with the white shirt in my fifth grade photos.

I know for a fact she was the inspiration behind me wanting to be a model, inside someone’s magazine.

Watching Whitney in the Bodyguard, I wanted to beautiful just like her. I wanted to be on TV one day but I knew I couldn’t sing. I tried my best to hit the high notes like Whitney as a child but God didn’t bless me with that talent.

But it wasn’t until today, that I realized all of the things I adored about Whitney and all of the things I said I wanted to do to be like her, a beautiful brown skinned face just like mine, Have come to pass. Praise God.

I have been that girl inside of magazines, with red lip stick too might I add, I’ve been on the TV screen as a model and I’ve been told that I’ve inspired others through my talents.

Even though my talent hasn’t been displayed as largely as Whitney, I’m still thankful and grateful that I can say, I’ve lived and am currently living my dreams. Thank you Whitney. For inspiring me.

I believe that today, even laying in your casket, you’ve inspired me and that’s to keep moving forward with my dreams so that the legacy I leave for my son and my family will be great and I wont have to wonder what they’ll say about me.

Rest in Peace Whitney. Thank you again for inspiring Me

Erica Coleman ©2012

When you're down, Take a Walk

When you think about life. Look at as if your taking a long walk, with no destination. Its ok to cry about getting wet in the rain, because the sun will eventually come out to dry you off.
When you encounter strange things and people feel free to laugh. Hell, they just might think you're strange too because you're walking alone,smiling at them for no reason.
Life or "the walk" can take u many places, good and bad. But one thing is promised.
Now i'm warning you not to carry so much baggage because that will only slow you down. Its way better to carry less and walk freely because you don't know where you're going.
So go ahead and release all your doubts & precautions about life, I mean "the walk." It may be dark now, but daylight has to come soon.
Be prepared to smile when the sun comes, rest when the sun sets, and sleep while the moon is lit.
"Life", I mean the rest of your walk awaits your awakening and memories to come the next day.
The great ones Endureth to the end.
Written by Erica Coleman for u.
Enjoy the journey

copyright@Erica Coleman (c) 2012

Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Letters to God

Sometime in 2003 I started a series of letters to GOD. I would sit at my computer and write whatever was on my mind from time to time. Just as a release for the most part. GOD is my friend. The only friend that I can truly say knows all of my secrets, because Ive asked for forgiveness alot in these letters. Don't judge me:)

Furthermore, I haven't written one in a few years, especially after my computer was stolen. Now that I feel I need to get back to releasing things directly to the source, Im going to do it this way. Here we go:

February 26, 2012

As the days pass, I realize that my life is really starting to blossom. For the most part , I can honestly say that Im happy but there are still some areas that I can’t help but get emotional about. A lot of things have been revealed to me, some for the good and some bad. I feel that now is the time to continue to release. Release thoughts, feelings and more importantly people. Everyone is not your cheerleader. Most of the people that I thought would be rooting for me, I can’t even hear on the sidelines period.

“The silent messages that I receive are the ones that mean the most to me.” Sometimes I find it strange how I can walk into a room and feel the thoughts. I mean I can honestly feel how people feel about me as if they are speaking directly to me. This is weird I know but I’m glad for the gift.

One of things that was hardest to let go of finally hurt me enough to let go. The memories are still there which get me through most of my days but its hard as well.

My life at this point is good. I’m moving forward. DJ’s moving forward. We’re moving forward and Im praying that this cycle of my life continues.

The sun shines brightly everyday.

Sometimes it’s so bright I can’t see.These are the days I find myself thinking a lot.Thinking a lot about my life and what will become of me. One morning as we walked outside at 7:15 a.m. the moon was still out,

D.J. screamed “Hey, it’s morningtime! You’re not supposed to be there.”

I looked up at the full moon and said,” What?”

He said “Mommy, it’s morningtime. The moon is not supposed to be there.”

I laughed and said you’re right. That day as I shared my story with everyone that I encountered, most of the replies were”Wow. He’s smart.” I smiled and said “yeah, thats my DJ.”

That’s kind of how I feel about my life. “Wow. How did I get here?” I guess my hard work and dedication has finally paid off.

The month of January was so pleasant yet stressful. I was moving so much that I stopped paying attention to the days. A lady at my office said that’s what happens when you’re “famous” you don’t stop moving. I still laugh at the comment because, I’m not famous but its always nice when people see star quality in you.

I’m rambling on I know. But I’m happy.Happy with the moments. Happy that my life has started with GOD as the center and coach of my days.

Its funny how life happens, who would have thought that Erica the girl that loved “music” so much wouldn’t know the words to any of the popular songs. Instead my head is now filled with songs of praise and worship throughout the day. I now reference bible verses when I need guidance. It was only less than a year ago that I prayed to allow my mind to be receptive to the word and teachings of the bible.

Thank God I’m healed and delivered. Things that once meant so much have little to no more meaning. I’m still praying though. Praying daily for my life.

Tonight when DJ called me to say his prayers with him, he said mommy don’t say it, I can say them by myself. And he did. I love my son with all my heart. That’s something that I will continue to be proud of everyday. I made the right choice. Praise God.

Grateful to be enabled. Erica Coleman © 2012

I'm Back

Hey Everyone,

I know it's been a while. But I've been working. Working on the new ME :) Well not quite, I still look, act and dress the same. The only thing Ive added to my swag is the new title of Author! It's official. I did IT. I am now a published Author. And guess what? People are actually reading my stuff. "Dying to Be Loved" By Erica Coleman is here.