Friday, April 13, 2012

Thank God For Second Chances

April 4, 2012
The Second Chance
Ohhh If only I could tell you about all of my Second Chances,
You would be like wow.
Where Im always like How?
My God is amazing.
I’ve been delivered from some of the darkest places, moments
and lifestyles.
My “second chances” were all learning experiences.
I always knew that I was doing something that I wasn’t
supposed to be doing but like any other
human I kept right on doing it.
However, I am a firm believer of once you receive punishment
for doing something wrong once, the only
thing left for you to do is to stop doing it.
Second Chance.
As I shrug my shoulders and shake my head thinking of those
times I’m laughing at the same time.
Who knew. He knew. He knows all things.
He is the Manufacturer of Beautiful and Great things. He
knows that his products will have moments of malfunction, despair and multiple
breakdowns. That’s exactly why he creates a repairman for all of us.
Second Chances.
As I think of my son right now when he’s intentionally done something wrong and I ask him why did
you do that? His reply is usually “I know I wasn’t supposed to, but I did. I’m sorry ”
I don’t even if he knows that he is always admitting his faults and
asking for a second chance.
Second Chances.
I don’t about you but Im so thankful and grateful for
second chances. I honestly don’t know
what my life would be like without them. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for forgiving me again and again. Thank you for
giving me all those second chances. I want you to know that my downtime allowed
me to be a little more appreciative of all the things that you have given me on
purpose. I want you to know that during my rehabilitation, I made promises to
you to not repeat those actions that were unlike you God. I want you to know
that I value you and respect you for giving me all those second chances. Thank
you Lord. Thank you Jesus. Thank you . Thank you again for allowing me another
chance to live my life on Purpose and according to your will. Thank you. Erica
Coleman ©2012
Enjoy Isaac Carees song "Chances"

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