Saturday, March 10, 2012

When you're down, Take a Walk

When you think about life. Look at as if your taking a long walk, with no destination. Its ok to cry about getting wet in the rain, because the sun will eventually come out to dry you off.
When you encounter strange things and people feel free to laugh. Hell, they just might think you're strange too because you're walking alone,smiling at them for no reason.
Life or "the walk" can take u many places, good and bad. But one thing is promised.
Now i'm warning you not to carry so much baggage because that will only slow you down. Its way better to carry less and walk freely because you don't know where you're going.
So go ahead and release all your doubts & precautions about life, I mean "the walk." It may be dark now, but daylight has to come soon.
Be prepared to smile when the sun comes, rest when the sun sets, and sleep while the moon is lit.
"Life", I mean the rest of your walk awaits your awakening and memories to come the next day.
The great ones Endureth to the end.
Written by Erica Coleman for u.
Enjoy the journey

copyright@Erica Coleman (c) 2012

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