Saturday, March 10, 2012

Inspired by Whitney

Inspired by Whitney

Today as I watched Whitney Houstons' funeral I kept thinking Wow.

I wonder what people will say about me.

Ever since I was a little girl people would find little things to say about me,

Oh she’s this or oh she’s gonna be that

Oh don’t let me forget the fact that I was skinny, dressed crazy and oh yeah too black.

It wasn’t until I reached a certain age that I began to see beautiful faces of people that looked just liked me

And one of those beautiful faces just so happened to be the beautiful brown skin, nappy, curly haired Whitney.

She was on the cover of a magazine with that beautiful smile with red lip stick, a polka dot skirt and that thing she wore in her hair in the 80s and skinny.

I don’t remember exactly what I said but I found myself thinking Wow. That’s just like me.

I liked polka dots and I was skinny and brown skinned too.

Whitney was the reason I asked for the spiral curled ponytail on top of my nappy hair.

She may have been the inspiration behind me choosing to wear the red and white polka dot skirt with the white shirt in my fifth grade photos.

I know for a fact she was the inspiration behind me wanting to be a model, inside someone’s magazine.

Watching Whitney in the Bodyguard, I wanted to beautiful just like her. I wanted to be on TV one day but I knew I couldn’t sing. I tried my best to hit the high notes like Whitney as a child but God didn’t bless me with that talent.

But it wasn’t until today, that I realized all of the things I adored about Whitney and all of the things I said I wanted to do to be like her, a beautiful brown skinned face just like mine, Have come to pass. Praise God.

I have been that girl inside of magazines, with red lip stick too might I add, I’ve been on the TV screen as a model and I’ve been told that I’ve inspired others through my talents.

Even though my talent hasn’t been displayed as largely as Whitney, I’m still thankful and grateful that I can say, I’ve lived and am currently living my dreams. Thank you Whitney. For inspiring me.

I believe that today, even laying in your casket, you’ve inspired me and that’s to keep moving forward with my dreams so that the legacy I leave for my son and my family will be great and I wont have to wonder what they’ll say about me.

Rest in Peace Whitney. Thank you again for inspiring Me

Erica Coleman ©2012

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