Monday, September 24, 2012

Why Can't you See What I see?....I think you're beautiful

Why can’t she see what I see?---I think you’re Beautiful

It’s hard being a woman. But today as I walked outside with the cold wind slapping me in my face with the sun shining, I found myself saying out loud, “I love being a woman.”

Not to brag, but there’s not a day that goes by that a man passes me by and says, “You’re beautiful, you look nice, hello miss, or excuse me your man must be happy, some even honk their horns. “While I find pleasure in this most of the time, I still find myself thinking I wonder if they can see what I see inside of me.

I’m single but trust that Im actually fine with that title especially after just hearing  from one of my dearest friends that I love so much tell me about how miserable she is in her marriage. This girl is Beautiful, if you were too see  her out and about you wouldn’t even know the hell that she goes through in her house daily. From the outside looking in their life appears to be perfect, two strikingly beautiful people with gorgeous kids, living in their dream home sharing their lives….Well that’s what she thought until he didn’t want the world to see his beautiful wife anymore.  As she said, “I feel like I lost myself Erica. This ain’t me. I’ve lost all of my friends. I’m not going to have anything once he’s gone.”

As a friend we always want to give advice because from the outside looking in we have the perfect solution.  And for this reason, I’ve always found myself wondering, “Why can’t she see what I see?”

On the other hand, here I am. Beautiful, smart, talented and single. Some of my friends don’t understand why I don’t have a man. I believe it’s because I’m not ready to “lose myself”or be so in love that I lose everything and everyone that I care about for one person.  Why cant they see what I see?

On the other hand, I have other friends that want a man so bad that they eagerly accept the first guy that says hello pretty lady. I’ve been there before but after I realized I was just wasting time, I let go of that bad habit just as quick as it started.  Again these are beautiful women with choices-why can’t they see what I see?

Just typing this reminds me of a praise and worship song that I love, There’s a King in you. It goes something like this, ‘Don’t you see the king in you? Then why do you speak with such insecurity, Do you know there’s a king in you?  then why do you speak with such defeat. '

Every day I listen to women talk about this and that in regards to wanting and needing a man. I’m glad I’m at a place where I can honestly say I’m fine because I am. I’m glad I realized that there’s one “man” that loves me more than I love myself and that man is Christ. And until I meet the man that has the same love for Christ as me, I’ll stay single.

So as I bow my head today, I’m praying for all my friends that ‘need a man or want a man so bad that they lose their self.”  I hope one day they can see what I see. And that is that you’re beautiful because there’s a King that lives right inside of you. My king wants the best for you. This is the only person that I’m willing to lose myself for. I don’t care what others think about me, I know the Cost of following Jesus. Connect to the spirit loves, so that YOU CAN, see what I see.   Love Erica ©2012

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