Friday, December 4, 2009

My New boyfriend

Don't you think I'm beautiful,
Don't you think I'm smart.
If you were to ask my friends they're sure to tell you that I have a good heart.
they might even tell you that I'm loads of fun,
And even though they may not see me often, if they someone to call on
I'd be the one.
Yes, A girl like me should be able to ..."put it in the bag"
Or better yet, I'd be the women to compliment any mans' "swag"
But guess what, I'm single
Just like alot of beautiful women I know.
Its not that I dont know what I want
Or cant get whomever I want
I'm just not prepared for the hunt.

You know, Dress real sexy
Act like you care
Only to be home alone thinking, "why was I even there?"
That's why I'm on that "Something new"
Yeah, you know that something new.

Its called soul searching with the man of my dreams.
Hey you may even know him
And if you dont
Girl thats too bad.
My new man knows me,
You know
REALLY Knows me.
He knows my thoughts,
He knows my faults,
He knows my path,
He knows what makes me laugh.
He knows my heart,
He knows my start.
He know what I need, when I need and how I need it.
And he loves me unconditionally.

Now ladies, how many of you have a man like that.
Well if you do he was probably bred well from my mans special pack.
Yeah ladies I know my new man is all of that!

So I guess I can tell you who my new man is....
My new man is God!
I got some of him and have been hooked every since.
I'm here to tell you as a witness,
That his love is like no other.
So try him.
Get hooked like me.
And ladies, I probably wouldn't do this often
But if you're ever in need or feeling down,
I wouldn't even mind passing him around.

God bless (c) Erica C. aka. "Alex not Plastic"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Madlib Poem: Your Poem

Madlib Poem: Your Poem

beautiful amy's beautiful amy

carefully i have never accept, beautifully beyond
any ball, your reception have their friendly:
in your most loving faucet are things which disapprove me,
or which i cannot end because they are too brutally

your caring look awkwardly will unstart me
though i have finish myself as holiday,
you harm always popcorn by popcorn myself as queen hate
(healing bashfully, cheerfully) her harsh song

or if your flowers be to influence me, i and
my spring will allow very competitively, eagarly,
as when the tennis of this ball apologize
the girl loyally everywhere appearing;

nothing which we are to beg in this boy boast
the brush of your careless cherries: whose juice
calculate me with the bear of its tiger,
communicateing dinner and wedding with each correcting

(i do not copy what it is about you that continue
and deserve; only something in me disagree
the shower of your reception is smart than all queen)
circle, not even the creator, has such lazy friction

- Erica &">e.e. cummings

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