Wednesday, September 5, 2012

5 Reasons Why I'm voting for Obama...Plant A Seed

Hello All of my Beautiful People,

This year I decided that I wanted to be a part of the Obama Action and GOT INVOLVED.  After signing up to become a part of the Young Detroiters for Obama Team, I sat down and thought about the reasons Why I wanted to volunteer my time and help the President Get reelected.  So about a month ago, I sat down and decided to write down the Five reasons Why I’m Voting for Obama!!

1.       His Word is Good!! How many other politicians do you know actually do what they say….He said he wanted to end the war. He did. He said he wanted to provide affordable if not free healthcare  for the people. He has. He said he would bring this country out of its current state of turmoil…It’s 2012 and the world is looking good from where I stand.

2.       He is a great reflection of ME and what it took to rise to the top… Determination, Hard Work, Faith, Good for the people, believes that Dreams can come true. The struggle of America in the “financial crisis” is very familiar to my lifestyle growing up. We knew what it was to not have enough and to go without. But we ALWAYS MADE A WAY and came out on TOP. America was trillions dollars in debt around the world, Obama has not only strengthened the American credibility around the world but he is making the money do what it needs to do, so that we may stay afloat!!  DO IT!!!

3.       He is not an I person, His stance has always been about WE!!!  I’m a We person too.  If we all come together on one accord great things can happen. We have a world to fix America!! And Obama is doing it with our HELP!!

4.       It’s more than skin Deep!! Yes Obama looks like me but his family values are more important than anything. Think about it, have you ever saw the love between any other presidential family as you see it with the Obama’s.  That means more than words can express in my book. If he can show his care for his family openly in the public eye all the time, it’s apparent that he will always be sincere about the struggles of others family. Women alone are still facing challenges in the workplace BUT OBAMA!  Found a way to make wages fair for working women and also provide a relief to those families that are struggling to pay for college. I know my mom was happy for all of the Pell Grants I received. I was able to graduate from college with less debt because of them.

5.       Who else is there to vote for? I mean really, I can’t relate to the man who has millions in his bank account and doesn’t know what it’s like to not have a mother with a flexible checkbook. I need to be able to look at my President and want to listen to him and look for words of encouragement not words or dialogue I can’t understand. I’m not ignorant by far, but not everyone speaks money language all the time.  I’m voting for Obama because I Believe that he CAN therefore WE all can!!

After watching The First Lady last night on my television screen as she talked about all the things that matter to the people my thoughts were  confirmed. Not only was I sold on getting  Obama reelected, but I was inspired to be more, do more and help out a little more.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been inspired by anyone on television lately but after watching the beautiful, intelligent First Lady Michelle Obama on my television something inside of me woke up and I was inspired to become something GREAT again.

This morning I asked my son if he wanted to be great, his response was Yes. I said Why. He said because you’re Great and my whole family is Great. I told him that he WILL BE GREAT! And I promise to do whatever it takes to achieve his Greatness status.

Plant some seeds today…Inspire others to become Great. Michelle Obama did J

Love Erica ©2012

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  1. Love it! What an inspiration. Leading by example.