Thursday, April 16, 2009

Handbags or Shoes..Life accessories are harder to choose!

Good Morning Bunch :)

Well I hope its a good morning because I had quite a night tossing and turning all because I was so anxious to figure out what I would blog about today. As you can see I came up with "Handbags or Shoes..Life accesssories are much harder to choose."

I used to be a model but then again I still am. Anywho, I would wake up everyday 2 hours early because I knew that it would take me 75% of that time to figure out what I would wear and what handbag and shoes I would put together with my outfit. Boy oh Boy sometimes I would just sit in the middle of the floor until I had a vision in which I would see my whole outfit all together and then I would ramble through my junky closet to find the pieces to bring that vision to life.
Now shopping for clothing has always been easy. I kinda always knew what I wanted and where to go to get it. Most of my friends have heard about my "clothing visions" and I'm not crazy. However, shopping for shoes was never easy. I never had a vision of the shoes I would walk into stores and turn right back around because I just could'nt find the right shoes. I don't have the prettiest feet so sandal shopping was a not so happy time for me. When shopping for shoes I always wanted to find a pair of shoes that I could wear with more than one outfit. Sometimes I would make sure that I had 2 or 3 outfits to wear with those shoes more than once the week that I purchased them. Call it what you want but I always wanted to get my monies worth.
Handbags.Purses. Handbags. Purses. Ooh how I love them. But I won't spend over $20 for one. LOL! I have never owned a Coach, Dooney &Burke, or Prada bag. I like to buy the Whatchamacallit bags. You know the unique bags that were made just for me..or someone else with my taste. I also but the bags from Rainbows and Charlotte Russe because they're cute and I can wear them more than once.

Unique. More than Once. Thats my life theme for shopping, relationships and life accessories.
When I think about all the time I spend doing miscellaneous things just to get ahead, I find myself wondering why haven't I found that unique thing that I love to do just yet.
I know I love writing but I do this in my "leisure" time. Why haven't I honestly committed to doing this full time. Well, my one answer was money but didn't God say that if I was to trust in him that I would receive this and the abundant overflow. My friend convinced me that this is what I was put here for because nothing else makes me happier. So I'm commiting to doing it daily until I finish my book.

So Girl let me tell you, that handbags and shoes are great if you can use them more than once but when you find that one life accessory that makes you happy find a way to commit to it and GOD will handle the rest.

Alex not Plastic

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