Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Relationship Business: Gotta Main Bish, Gotta Mistress

Take 1

"Excuse Me, Excuse Me"….My name is Treasure. Yes, treasure like the box of hidden jewels that everyone’s searching to find but I’m always hidden in a box somewhere. I’m what many consider the wifey type. I’m educated, financially stable, beautiful and professional. I’m what many call a REAL lady. I cook, clean, work, takes care of the kids and home. I make the big money in my household. I’m the one responsible being the educator, driver and cheerleader for the kids and the sex slave for my man. All of my friends marvel at the fact that I have a man but what they don’t understand is all the hard work it takes to keep this “family” together. It’s my responsibility to love, honor, support and obey. Yes obey, because whatever they need they look to me to provide. I don’t really hang out with my friends anymore because I’m just too tired. I don’t really have a life outside of my “family”. Oh and did I mention that his kids are not mine. But I guess that’s enough of my venting, I have to get back to my full time job until one of them calls for my help…Don’t forget me my name is Treasure but I’m feeling less like my name as the days go by. Is this what the “good life” as a wife is like?
Take 2

“Hello!” My name is Precious. Oh but you knew that anyway didn’t you. I saw you looking at me when I entered the room. I’m used the heads turning, necks popping and mouths dropping. My mother named me Precious because that’s exactly what I am, a mans most prized possession. My men like to treat me to the finer things in life. You know the best of everything. Cars, clothes, shoes, and trips around the world girl. All because I’m beautiful. I love being beautiful because that’s all I have to do. I don’t have any close friends because they just don’t understand my lifestyle. Well my mom doesn’t approve either but hey, I like dating men with wives and girlfriends. Don’t shake your head at me cause there ain’t nothing wrong with slipping in when she’s slipping up. I tend to my men. I laugh at all their stale jokes, listen to their complaints about what’s going on at home and I can’t forget the most important thing I do for them, I’m their personal porn star. My tricks will make any man come back for more treats. As a matter of fact here comes one now so I gotta go. I know you won’t forget about me, I’m precious in every way you can imagine.
My Take on my friends business
Ladies, ladies, ladies, I’ve been told that these are the only two types of women that exist. You can only be the “Main bish or the mistress” because these are the only two components of the relationship business.
One might be thinking relationship business, what is that? Well it’s something that I made up after talking to a friend today. This friend has played both of these roles however, she’s not really happy in her current role as Treasure because she said it requires too much work. I know a lot of women may feel just as she does but relationships are never easy. They kind of remind me of a business transaction, for example:
Upon meeting you get to “Preview” your partner, you like so you make an “offer” if the offer is accepted you celebrate until you get your results from your “Private inspection”. Now this inspection can make or break the relationship in the early stages because this where all the hidden dirt, drama and future problems are revealed. As a buyer you can choose to walk away and lose your deposit or “Continue” with the transaction including all the baggage.

My friend decided to continue on with the transaction as many women do.

Now many may say they don’t like Precious but to be honest you can’t be mad at her. She only goes through the "Preview" and "Celebrate" stage. No contracts or inspections needed because when the dirt and drama are displayed she is free to walk away. Even though it may appear that she’s living the good life, she isn’t. She's lonely surrounded by beautiful things with no one to share her mornings or weekends with. Precious really wants a family. She envisions her life with her beautiful kids and the perfect husband in her downtime. "I really want to be a wife, but for right now I'm living the good life!"

After listening to my friend complain about all the things she has to do for her man and his kids, she admitted that he was sleeping with other women. She continued to complain and then out of nowhere she said, " why don't he ask those bishes, to drop him off, pick up the kids, and do all this other stuff he wants me to do?" "Why do they have it so F'ing easy?"

Wow! Now at first I was LMAO! because this was two shockers in one for me which lead me to write this blog.

So these 2 questions are for you:
(1) Why do mistresses have it so easy?
(2) Which one are you? lol. I dont expect many to answer but......

I don't believe in being a mistress but being the main bish can be overwhelming sometimes :)

Alex not Plastic
Erica Coleman (c) 2010

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