Sunday, September 6, 2009

Loving Me

Hi Ladies,

I know it's been a while but I needed to share this one.
There's not a day that goes by that I here someone talk about all the bad things that are happening in their life. I know that we all go through some rough times but DAMN!! Ladies how about we celebrate Life! And while doing so celebrate that life and spirit of Christ that lives within you. Thank GOD for waking up this morning with the ability to breathe fresh air, eat a meal and be fully clothed. Thank God for keeping you sane through these times because if you are able to talk about it you can do something to change it. I know that change doesn't come over night but it starts on the inside and works its way up to the mind to bring to the outside. So keep your inside clean and full of love and enjoy yourself Darnit! lol

Repeat this daily if you feel its necessary.........
Loving ME

I'm in love with me
Are you?
I'm happy with me
Are you?
I know what's good and bad about me
Do you?
I love the reflection I see
Do you?
I'm fulfilling God's will for me
Are you?
I take my challenges head on
Do You?
I'm still pressing
Are you?
I acknowledge and accept my flaws
Can you?
I like the changes I see
Do you?
I only allow things like me, around me
Do you?
I celebrate me daily
Do you?
I love me!!!!!
And GOD does too..
Erica (c) 2009
If nobody else told you today, "I love you too"
Toodles :)
Alex not Plastic

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