Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Madlib Poem: Your Poem

Madlib Poem: Your Poem

beautiful amy's beautiful amy

carefully i have never accept, beautifully beyond
any ball, your reception have their friendly:
in your most loving faucet are things which disapprove me,
or which i cannot end because they are too brutally

your caring look awkwardly will unstart me
though i have finish myself as holiday,
you harm always popcorn by popcorn myself as queen hate
(healing bashfully, cheerfully) her harsh song

or if your flowers be to influence me, i and
my spring will allow very competitively, eagarly,
as when the tennis of this ball apologize
the girl loyally everywhere appearing;

nothing which we are to beg in this boy boast
the brush of your careless cherries: whose juice
calculate me with the bear of its tiger,
communicateing dinner and wedding with each correcting

(i do not copy what it is about you that continue
and deserve; only something in me disagree
the shower of your reception is smart than all queen)
circle, not even the creator, has such lazy friction

- Erica & http://www.languageisavirus.com/madlibs/ee-cummings-somewhere-i-have-never-travelled.html">e.e. cummings

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