Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Every Girl- Inspired by For Colored Girls movie

Hey Ladies,

I hope all is well. As you can see Im back. Last month I was one of many that watched Tyler Perry's rendition of "For Colored Girls." After reading many reviews, I didn't know what to expect. However, I don't know if I would call this movie GREAT but it was very ENLIGHTNING. There were moments were I found myself laughing, crying, cringing and even covering my eyes. Unfortunately, I felt that I knew each of these characters personally because the effect that the movie had on me did not go away after the movie ended.

While watching the movie I was inspired to write 2 verses in which I would like to share with you today: Enjoy




Is it because of what lies between my thighs

But you cant see the pain that hides behind my smiling eyes.


I was never my mothers pearl

Just some little girl

With meaningless dreams

Even though it may have seemed that I had everything.

I was just A


Not by choice

Because I did have a voice

I could have said stop

I know I said stop!

But as I lay in that spot

I lost my voice.

Not by choice.


Can you see me?

Im beautiful

Or better yet easy on the eyes

Ive been the prize

But the surprise,

Was behind my eyes.


At times I find myself thinking

So Many

Yet gained so little .

Look at me now people!

Im just A


Victim of Circumstance

Victim of Chance

Victim of Choice

Victim with a Voice




If you can hear me, will you listen

I dont want to be a victim no more!

I dont want to be a victim no more.

Release me now Please.

Please just release me!

Erica Coleman (c)2010

I Loved you on Purpose

Love the word said most

But Meant the least

I loved you on purpose boy

Not for Things

Not for dreams

Not even for the ring

But I loved you

For just THAT- You!

People used to tell me that love felt like so many things

But I have yet to experience an explainable love,

A love that is so concrete that I can give it meaning.

A love where Im so happy, Im knocked off my feet


Thats what made my love for you so unique,

I didnt feel any of these things.

But I loved you on purpose

I said,

"Lord please let me love again."

And he replied,

"Have you ever loved wholeheartedly with no expectations."

Obviously, I didnt know what that means,

I've given the men I loved plenty of things.

My Body

My smile

That gift between my thighs.

and sometimes even my pride.

Cause I wouldnt let no real man See me cry.

No,no, no

I'd even given my joy

To one lucky boy

So yes I've loved

But never with a purpose.

He responded, "well your time is now"

Well I've been waiting and then came you

Not wearing any of the faces that Im used to

Instead you earned my love by just being you

And for that boy

I can honestly say

I love you on purpose

Yes, I wholeheartedly

Love You.
Erica Coleman (c)2010

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