Friday, April 30, 2010

Leaving it behind

Hi Ladies,
This is an old one that I found and wanted to share.

Leaving it Behind
Is holding on to something I need to let go of…..
I’m battling the spirits of wanting whats in the natural but anticipating whats destined for me in the supernatural,
I’m asking God to Send me something that I want
but can’t let go of what I don’t want.
My old self is telling me to say F It..Next!
But my caring self is telling me that its going to get better and be more than sex.
I used to talk about girls like me
You know the ones that tell you about how bad everything is but don’t want to leave
Hoping that this thing they cant let go of will turn into that DREAM
Yeah Dream because dreams are always better than reality.
My mom thinks that I’m crazy or better yet Depressed
But Girlfriend let me tell you
I’m better now then I used to be.
I refuse to wear that Dress.
You know what? As I think about,
Its really time to let go.
Let loose
Because I could be giving my goods to somebody worthy.
My goods meaning my time,
My thoughts
My loving acts of kindness
Fuck It!
Just Fuck IT!
I’m giving up!
But not on Love

Erica C. aka Alex not plastic ©2010

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